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Gobble Gobble: Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

24 Nov

It’s Turkey Day, and I wanted to wish all of you a very special Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Thanksgiving is that time to reflect on your life and take pleasure in the little things that are so wonderful. It’s also an important time to test your tummy capacity and your napping skills. And I hope to accomplish all of these things today.

I’ll start with the warm, fuzzy sentiments with my “MommaNut Is Grateful For” list. So, put the apple pie in the oven, place the gravy on the warmer and sit on down to enjoy!

MommaNut Is Grateful For

  • Having the most amazing husband in the whole world who can’t wait to spend the rest of his life right by my side, even when I’m not the easiest person to live with
  • The sweet kisses I get from Peanut and Cashew after a long day at work
  • Our thoughtful, supportive family and friends who love PoppaNut and I very much
  • Having a job that I love, where I feel rewarded by my work and respected
  • Documenting my life through this blog, which always me to walk down memory lane any time I feel like it
  • Living in Oldsmar, a town I have grown to love where everyone seems to know your name
  • My Way Fitness, because I have been able to watch PoppaNut achieve some of his greatest dreams, and I can’t wait to be along to watch the rest come true
  • All the recipes my family has shared with me, because it has ignited a new passion for in cooking and baking
  • Turning 30 this year, because I know the best is yet to come
  • Scrabble, a game that PoppaNut and I like to play a few times a week
  • Sunday runs near the water, where PoppaNut and I talk about your future
  • Delicious homemade sauce that I could literally drink by the jar (I know that sounds disgusting, but you can’t judge until you try the sauce. I count down every week for it!)
  • Being able to find time to read again, even if it is while I’m on the treadmill
  • Working out, because I’m feeling better than I have in a long time
  • Long naps in the afternoon with just the hum of the dryer in the background
  • Visiting our neighbor vendor for our Halloween pumpkins and Christmas tree, which we will be picking up tomorrow
  • That the Yankees Spring Training will be here soon, because PoppaNut will be so happy
  • Having a walk-in closet filled with more shoes than my little heart could have ever dreamed of

And the best part is that this list could go on and on and on because I have so many things to be thankful for. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and I never want to take that for granted. I hope you won’t either, so make a list for yourself. What are you really thankful for? Think of that list today as you see your family and friends. Hug each of them a little tighter and say “I love you” more often.

And that’s life in a nutshell … Thanksgiving is really about recognizing what you have in your life and being thankful for it. The food is just a bonus.


Time to Carve Pumpkins

25 Oct

I’m so happy it is time for fall. I just love when the holidays roll around, and you get to do all these fun activities as a family. This past weekend, PoppaNut and I went to our favorite pumpkin patch in search of four perfect pumpkins.

Why four? Well, one for PoppaNut, one for MommaNut, one for Peanut and one for Cashew! The puppies need their pumpkins, too! And PoppaNut likes to humor me, so he doesn’t mind me getting pumpkins for them either.

We picked out the perfect ones and brought them home! Sunday night, we got the carving tools out and began our work. PoppaNut remembered that we had an old stencil set, and we used that this year. Last year, the stencils were a nightmare. We couldn’t get them to tape onto the pumpkins and the tools broke in minutes. But this year, we had quite a bit more luck. PoppaNut carved a spooktacular ghost with “Boo” written in the middle. I managed to make a zombie face. The little dogs got initials.

Peanut and Cashew didn’t know what to think. I put their pumpkins down on the ground for them to explore. Peanut investigated a bit but Cashew was scared to death! Halloween is certainly not Cashew’s holiday of choice.

At the end, PoppaNut put candles in all four of them, and we hugged as we watched them glow. Three years since our first Halloween together I’m more in love with my life and my hubby than ever before. I’m a very lucky girl!

And that’s life in a nutshell. Holidays are fun, but the memories you make during those holiday activities are the moments I treasure most.


American “Doggy” Idol

22 Jul

I’m a huge country-music fan. And no, it is not just about your dog dying, losing your job and what not. There are some really great songs if you guys would give it a chance. I think I may have even converted PoppaNut into a country lover, thanks to Zac Brown Band and their amazing song, “Toes.”

I’ve listened to country music all my life. I remember sitting under the dining-room table as a child, listening to my parents playing Euchre with the sweet sounds of Randy Travis and John Prime in the background. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I learned I could pass on my love of country music to my two nuts: Peanut and Cashew.

Yes, you heard right! The Loews Hotel in Nashville allows you to have your pup cut a CD in a professional recording session. Could Peanut be the next Dolly “Paw” Parton and Cashew the next Darius “Ruff” Rucker. We could have two furry stars on our hands, and we don’t even know it yet.

The hotel offers a limo shuttle (of course the dogs have to arrive to the studio in style to show the other dogs how they roll). Once situated in the studio, your pup will work with a voice coach, and howl along with a musician or bark to their favorite karaoke tune. I wonder what selections they have: “Who Let the Dogs Out” or another song by BowWow? With it being in Nashville, I have to hope some country makes the list.

I’m seeing an American “Doggy” Idol coming on …

And that’s life in a nutshell … you learn about something new every day, and most of the time, it gives me a giggle. This one certainly did.


Cashew’s Nutty Friday

27 May

So, one of the nuts in my house will be a little less nutty by the end of the day. That’s right,

Cashew,. MommaNut, Peanut

Cashew is going under the knife to ensure he doesn’t make any walnuts in his future. I’m hoping his adventure at the vet helps calm him down a bit, because he has been the nuttest little guy ever.

In fact, both of our Chihuahuas have been extremely nutty lately. It could be our fault, naming them after nuts, but I think it is just their personality. And yes, I do believe dogs have personalities. Case in point: As soon as PoppaNutand I got Cashew, Peanut was so fussy. She snubbed me all the time, and even gave me nasty looks. She was furious that I would dare bring another nut into our family. Wasn’t she enough? I could see the disappointment all over her face.

Now, let's pose for a photo!

Over time, they started to bond. I thought they had become great doggie siblings until last night. I came home to the ultimate mess, courtesy of Cashew and Peanut. The puppies stay in our large spare bathroom during the day … they have been messy with Cashew still learning the potty rules in the house, but nothing like last night.

It literally looked like they had a pillow fight, but instead of feathers, there were tiny pieces of the potty pad EVERYWHERE! Their toys were covered in the filling … and that was only the beginning of it. Their beds were flipped over and nothing was in its place. Do they practice WWF wrestling when we are at work?

Peanut won't even look at Cashew

I swear it might be time for a nanny camera, so I just see just what these nuts are up to. Anyway, I assumed it was Cashew up to the no good, and I punished him for it. Then, last night, after we had tucked the little nuts into their bed, I heard a scratching noise. Visions of torn-apart potty pads danced in my head, so PoppaNut crept up the stairs to see it first hand. As he flipped on the lights, you’ll never guess who the culprit was ….. PEANUT!

That sassy little girl was tearing up that potty pad! Now, Cashew was around too, so he wasn’t innocent. I guess you just never know what is really going on until you catch them in the act! I was completely shocked! Here, I thought sweet, innocent Peanut was being traumatized during the day by Cashew’s shenanigans … and it turns out, she is his accomplice!

So, that’s life in a nutshell today … hoping that Nutless Friday helps calm down our two crazy nuts.


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