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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

20 Jul

The Yankees are in town, so PoppaNut and I headed to Tropicana Field to get in on the action. One of PoppaNut’s clients gave us these amazing seats right behind home plate. We were so close that you could practically smell the sweat coming off each coachs’ foreheads. It was incredible. And yes, I was wearing my Victoria’s Secret Yankees shirt that I blogged about last week … and it was also incredible.

Me and PoppaNut at the game

But as we nestled into our front-and-center seats, it wasn’t the actual game that got my attention. In fact, the actual game has never been what draws me to the ball park. It’s the smells and the sounds that remind me of my childhood that keep me coming back for more.

When I was little, my family used to drive up to Chicago to watch the Cubs (who would usually lose) play at Wrigley Field. I’m always telling PoppaNut about my love for Wrigley Field. Besides Disney, it’s the most magical place on Earth. The history of Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” with a big ice-cream cone in my hand just can’t be beat. And my memories don’t hold any record … I can’t tell you how many games I went to when the Cubs won and how many games I went to when they lost … I just remember being with my family and having a great time.

I have a special memory of heading to Wrigley Field with my Grandma Tam. Our whole family was there, and she wore a royal-blue bucket hat with a big Cubs logo on it. My Grandma Tam has since passed away, but I still have that hat tucked away in the Yankees room of all places. It’s dusty and a bit tattered, but that memory is still clear as day for me.

Jeter at the plate

My dad got very sick when I was in high school, and I remember when he started feeling better. He asked me to go with him to a Cubs game. I was suppose to work at the KOA Kampground (my summer job), but I couldn’t wait to call in sick, climb into the van and make my way up to Chicago. We didn’t have tickets, but we bought some at the gate … standing-room only. But once again, it didn’t matter. It was a special moment I’ll always cherish where a daughter got to enjoy the game with her wonderful dad!

And PoppaNut and I have had some wonderful moments in the ball park. We have celebrated every one of his birthdays at a spring-training game. We have gone to Yankees games with friends and family … but my favorites are when it’s just us. We may be surrounded by tons of people, but it still feels like we are sharing such a special moment as just the two of us.

And I saw those types of moments happening at the game last night. An older couple shared an ice-cream cone, a group of friends bonded over crazy calls, a dad explained the game to his son, a husband and wife shared a drink and took in the game.

A couple sharing an ice-cream cone

And that’s life in a nutshell … to me, it’s not the players who win … it’s the fans in the stand.



Yankees Pride

12 May

It is quite possible that when PoppaNut reads this post, he will want to change our phone provider to AT&T. Turns out that AT&T has a partnership with PoppaNut’s favorite friend in the whole world: The Yankees.

AT&T is asking Yankees fans to “Join the Team” by texting YANKS to 4663, and winners of the promotion can receive a slue of Yankees prizes. You can always register to win at www.att.yankees.com (PoppaNut, don’t worry; I already registered us for the prizes but you can register as well for extra luck!).

Now, I call the Yankees PoppaNut’s best friend because, well, they are. He sees them a few times a week, follows up on what they have going on, can’t wait to see them again and even has pictures of them up in our home. For all intents and purposes, you could say that the Yankees are like family to us.

MommaNut, PoppaNut

Our First Game Together

When we first began dating, I took PoppaNut to a Yankees spring training game for his birthday. You would have thought I gave him a million dollars the way his eyes lit up when he saw the tickets. We had a great time, and we keep going back for more. I can’t even tell you how many games we have been to together, but he probably could. You’ll see some photos of the games we have been to over the years in this post.

Just eight days after we tied the knot,

PoppaNut, MommaNut

Go Yankees!

we went to our first Yankees spring training game as husband and wife for PoppaNut’s 29th birthday. And I had a special surprise in store … the marquee lit up with “Happy Birthday, Steve. Love, Your Wife” during the seventh inning. It was such a blast seeing PoppaNut’s face during that moment. Now, I wish I had a photo of that.

Even more than visiting stadiums to enjoy the Yankees, we have a spare bedroom in our home dedicated to the team. You’ll find framed photos, an autogr

MommaNut, PoppaNut

Almost Saw a No-Hitter at This One

aphed ball, a M&Ms machine and a ton more lining the walls: all themed Yankees. We live in a townhouse so this is PoppaNut’s mancave in leu of a garage. He loves it, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So, that’s life in a nutshell … truly loving what your PoppaNut loves because it makes him happy. Now, I’m going back to texting AT&T … I want that grand prize!


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