O-Cedar, I Hate You

9 Jun

I was looking through some old emails today, and I ran across this funny email I had sent to O-Cedar. O-Cedar is a company that makes terrible mops, sold at Walmart. Anyway, PoppaNut had bought this mop (not knowing how bad it was) and couldn’t wait to clean, but that dang mop was the worst piece of junk we had ever bought. I was so mad about the mop, I wrote an email to their customer-service department. I found the letter … I hope you find it funny too.

The mop we bought was similar to this.

“My husband purchased your roller mop yesterday from Walmart. Upon opening it, we both tried for about 30 minutes to attach the mop head, to no success. The package claims that it is easier than ever. Then why was I left feeling that I would have to live with Lou Ferrigno in order to get this product in working order to clean my kitchen floor. We tried to attach it while standing, while sitting and we even rolled on the living room floor trying to get the leverage needed to attach this completely insane mopper head. Next time, I’ll bring Andre the Giant with me to make sure it is actually possible to use your products. Actually, I think we will stick with the Swiffer pads. Thank you.”

And that’s life in a nutshell … knowing when to laugh when a mopper head really makes you want to cry.


One Response to “O-Cedar, I Hate You”

  1. Stacy Simons June 27, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    LMAO!! That’s too funny.


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