Girls’ Day Out

27 Jun

When was the last time you spent some much-needed time with the ladies in your life? Really … it has been THAT long? I had the pleasure of spending a rainy Sunday morning with four lovely ladies over the weekend, and we had a really good time.


MommaNut, Stephanie, Ashley

My sister was dropping off her three children at the airport, and us gals organized a girls’ morning to immediately follow that. We created a caravan with four cars, lead by all women drivers, down 275 in Tampa, FL. With the rain beating down, I balanced the GPS gadget in my right hand as I drove with my left.

Now, I’m not saying this is the safest way to drive, but it got the job done. I spotted the First Watch in Downtown Tampa, and the search for parking began. I can’t parallel park for the life of me, so I knew this was going to be a challenge. I was lucky to find a space very close to the restaurant that I could just pull right in to. GLORIOUS!

With umbrellas and jackets in our hands, we all managed to make it inside. It was Stephanie, Aunt Debbie, Ashley, Miss Madison and I. Once we sat down at the table and wiped the rain off our faces, it was time to enjoy some good company and some great food.

MommaNut, Stephanie

We talked about Ashley’s upcoming wedding and I showed her the bridesmaid dress! We talked about the blog (Debbie, I hope you get a notification for this one!!!), and we talked about public nudity in the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. I’m not even getting into the details of that one, but it was hysterical. We talked about a whole host of things, while we laughed and ate our breakfasts.

If you haven’t been to First Watch before, you have to try it. I had the cheese omelette … I always get the same thing every time I visit First Watch, and it is still my favorite. PoppaNut loves it too. He usually gets the Killer Cajun omelette and the Floridan French Toast.

So, I’m encouraging you to make plans with the women in your life. Life can get busy, and you can get wrapped up in the errands and cleaning and work and whatever else is on your plate. But a girl has to eat! So, make plans and head to breakfast with your girls for some girl talk.


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