Lights, Camera, Action

7 Jul

Since I started writing this blog, I have had so much fun sharing little tidbits with my readers. However, there was one big pain in the butt that I couldn’t get around: photos. For a blog to gain popularity, you have to take original photos.

Well, I didn’t have a camera. PoppaNut has a great camera, but I didn’t have the software downloaded on my computer. So, I would take photos with his camera, download them to his computer, put them on a USB port and then put them on my computer. WHEW … You get the point. It took forever.

So, I ordered this handy-dandy¬†Samsung PL90 camera. I got it at for just a little over $100. It’s lightweight and takes great photos (I used it in CT for the first time and you can see the photos I took in that blog post). And the best part about the camera? It has a built-in USB port. That means no cords or cables to lug around or lose in the future. I just plug it right into my computer, and I’m ready to access my photos right away.

My Blogging Camera

I love it! And it allows me to share all my great pictures with you!

And that’s life in a nutshell … finding a way to simplify your life can be as easy as upgrading your camera.


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