Wine for Dinner

29 Jul

So, I recently posed a question on Facebook: Is it wrong to have wine for dinner? And you wouldn’t believe how many responses I got! It was so hysterical that I had to write about it to you.

First, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a glass or two of wine during the week. I work hard, and I like to come home and relax. So, last night, that is just what PoppaNut and I did. We opened up a beautiful bottle of red, sat on the couch and talked about our days. What a nice way to end the week!

And it seemed like my friends and family agreed! Here are the responses I received:

  • Lisa Hoyt, who I used to work with at Tampa Bay Illustrated, said: Never, darling! Have an extra glass for me!
  • Jack, my brother-in-law, said: Sometimes a liquid dinner is a necessity. Enjoy!
  • Ashley McDonald, or Ashley Byszewski as my family knows her (who is expecting her first baby soon!), said: Absolutely not! Have an extra one for me please!
  • Kelly Meyer, a good friend (I used to work with her mom at the magazine too), said: Grapes are a food!
  • My dear aunt Sherry said: No, go for it …
  • My good friend Jen Whalen from IU said: I consider it your fruit intake for the day
  • Susan Barnes, a writer in the Tampa Bay area that I have met a few times, said: Uh, no …
  • And my aunt Deb, another fun Irish woman who married into the Orlando family, said: For dinner or with your dinner?? Lol, have some pretzels with it at least!

So, that either tell me wine for dinner is just fine … or all my friends and family are nuts!

And that’s life in a nutshell … follow your own rules and have fun, with or without a glass of wine!


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