The Godmother

27 Sep

So, I’m officially a godmother! Let me say it again … this time in my best Marlon Brando voice: “I’m the Godmother!” Lily Elizabeth Cole was born on September 19, six weeks early from her expected arrival date. I guess Little Lily decided to show her parents who’s boss and let them know they were running on Lily time now. And it seems to be working just fine.

PoppaNut and I had the pleasure of going to the hospital last night to see our god-daughter. She is so little (just four pounds) and so sweet at the same time. And to see Brooke and Brad as parents was amazing! You can see how much they love her! She even gave me a little smile before I left last night … she loves her aunt already!

The funniest story I have to share so far is that PoppaNut made sauce, spaghetti and garlic bread for our friends, who certainly needed a home-cooked meal after days and days of hospital food. Well, the next day Lily winded up smelling like sauce too! I thought it was so cute.

She has the cutest little nose courtesy of her mommy, and a gassy tummy just like her daddy. 🙂 She is perfect. Here are a few photos to share. I’m sure I’ll have a ton more in the future!

And that’s life in a nutshell … watching your best friends start a whole new chapter in their life is completely amazing … and I know PoppaNut and I are so happy to be part of the ride!


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