I’m Sick: 10 Tips for Your Caregiver

4 Nov

So, I’m terribly sick with bronchitis, and I’m lucky enough to have the best caregiver in the world: My hubby! He is literally waiting on me hand and foot, and I thought I would share a few tricks of how to take care of a sick person … from the sick person that I am right now!

1. Gifts: This one worked really well when I was a little girl. Whenever I was sick, my parents would drop me off at home while they ran to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. When they came home, they always brought me a book or a magazine to help me past the time. My favorite was when they would bring me paper-doll books like this one. It is a fond memory I still hold dear to my heart. Try it out for yourself!

2. Lies: While it is not good to tell lies, a sick person wants to hear all kinds of lies. They want to hear, “Yeah, you really do sound like you are getting better” and “You still look so beautiful, honey.” Now, we both know I look like death, but the lie somehow makes me feel better about not showering in two days and not brushing my hair for even longer. So, bring on all the good lies. I’ll forgive you!

3. Force: Yes, excessive force might be needed to make me stay in bed at all times. I’m a usually a really busy woman and it is hard for me to sit back and rest, even though I know my body needs that. I really appreciate my hubby for this one, because he has literally made me sit down and rest. And I need that!

4. Food: Us sick people need food, but we hardly have the strength to make it. I wanted to make sloppy joe’s for PoppaNut last night to show him how grateful I am for everything he has done, but after a seven-hour nap from my medicine coma, I just didn’t have the strength. Luckily, he brought me home Publix subs instead. And this morning, he is bringing me a bagel. He also made me the most amazing hot tea. Keep the food right on coming …

5. Entertainment: So while I’m quite entertaining all drugged up on medicine, I’m not the entertainment I’m referring to. We need entertainment we like to keep our eyes open for the precious few minutes in between naps. And for me, that lots of girl shows! In between rests, I have been catching up on my “Real Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy” episodes just to name a few. It really does help.

6. Affection: And even when I’m coughing up a lung, I’m craving affection like no other. I have turned into this very needy sick person, just wanting to be close to PoppaNut every second. It’s not that he can physically do anything to help me get better, but having him hold my hand while I doze off on the couch seems to make all the difference.

7. Phone Calls: I love the phone calls and texts I have received from everyone who loves me so much. I’m in this sick sphere where getting better is the only thing that matters, but I love hearing from people outside the sphere too! My sister gave me a nice call all the other day, and PoppaNut texts me throughout the day too. My mom called during my seven-hour nap and I’m sure I scared her to death with my groggy nonsense. But I do appreciate it!

Now, I know I promised you ten tips, but my medicine has kicked back in and I need to lay down. So, you are on your own to get creative with the rest.

And that’s life in a nutshell … being sick lets you see just how much you have to live for thanks to the loved ones around you. PoppaNut, you have been amazing and I am forever grateful! I love you so much.


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