Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: Oldsmar’s Winter Wonderland

5 Dec

Every year, Oldsmar has a huge winter wonderland downtown, and I have been super jazzed to check it out since we moved to Oldsmar. Unfortunately, we have always seemed to miss it, but I was able to make it this year. Everyone met at my house, which gave Miss Madison plenty of time to spend with Peanut and Cashew before we took off.

Once we got down there, we watched tons of kids slide down a huge snow/ice mountain. Man, did that thing look dangerous! Kids were just whipping down there … this looked like an insurance nightmare to me, but the kids seemed to have a good time.

After we met the Grinch, we decided to leave to grab some dinner. At Cody’s, we all filled up on tons of yummy food. Kaylee decorated our table area with her beautiful designs while Ashley read my blog for any typos.

Once we ate, we headed back home for jammie time before saying nighter to our T Ts!

And that’s life in a nutshell … you really can get into the holiday spirit with a mountain of slush and a generic Grinch nearby.


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